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VHD creation in windows how to guide 0

How to create a Virtual Hard Disk in Windows PC

step 1:  First of all Right click on my computer icon then choose to manage option.
step 2: Then in computer management choose disk management that opens new settings in the right sidebar.
step 3: After that choose Action option and select CREATE VHD option to proceed.

windows smartscreen feature and its uses 0

How to Enable and Disable Windows SmartScreen feature

SmartScreen is the inbuilt features of the Windows Operating system that protects our system from malicious viruses that comes from the internet. For example, we can say that all of the Windows users use the Internet on their systems to download files and software from untrusted websites. Sometimes users download...

wi fi hotspot in windows 0

How to create Wi-Fi Hotspot in Windows

Suppose we have two computers and one computer connected to the network cable(LAN), and if we want internet access in both the computer then we can share internet connection from one computer to another by enabling hotspot on one computer. Suppose you are traveling by airplane or train, and if...

create partition in Windows using cmd 0

How to Create a Partition or Volume in Windows using Command Prompt

Diskpart is a disk management tool or utility that is designed to create, delete, and resize hard drive partitions. In general, we can say that Diskpart command has the ability to divide a hard disk into different partitions as well as has the ability to merge them again in a...

complete partition creation 0

How to Create a Partition or Volume in Windows

Division of the disk or drive on a system is the best way to organize our data which is stored on a system. Disk partitioning is to divide the hard drive into multiple logical units or volumes. And you can specify all the logical units for different purposes according to your...

open administrative tools 0

Changing windows password without knowing old password

Generally, Windows ask for the old password to set a new password for the user. But there are some hidden methods in windows to change the password even if you don’t have access to the old password. Yes, you can change windows user password without having access to the old...

set password on firefox browser featured 0

Password protect your Firefox Browser

Setting up a password for Mozilla Firefox is a wise move to protect your login credentials of different websites; if your system is being accessed by multiple persons. If you are using Firefox browser you would be searching for any method to lock your Firefox browser for the sake of...

syskey setup in windows featured 0

Setting up additional Security for Windows System using Syskey Utility

Basically, Windows have the feature of security by adding user password. But if you are not satisfied with a single password on startup you can set an additional password by Syskey utility. Syskey utility is an inbuilt feature of windows of securing data by using 128-bit encryption. You can add...