Technohelper24.com is a technical blog site platform for learning technology and system. The administrator needs to regularly update their awareness about latest tools and technologies and sometimes even brush up old concepts. Here at Technohelper24.com, we will publish articles that will contain concepts as well as configuration related steps to understand and get something up and running. So here at this site, you can find more commands than words and theoretical explanation. Here you can find all the tutorials and configurations step-wise-step.

In this time of innovation when a large portion of our work relies upon innovation, our issues and their answers additionally turn out from it. So in this way it is very important that we understand technology and we can use it in our daily Life with ease. The reason we made Technohelper24.com is to implemetation of technology.

Our articles can help you solve your administration related problems, as well as sometimes they will help you understand what’s going under the hood of a particular tool. The primary objective and goal of our website is to learn and explore more about system administration related concepts that will be helpful to us as well as our readers. If you are interested in learning a topic of your interest, please don’t hesitate to drop us an email or use our contact us page. We will surely include that on our to-do list for future publishing.

At Technohelper24 you can find tips and tricks related to Windows operating system, Linux Operating System, Android, Mac Operating System, Blogging, SEO, Web Designing, Virtualization, Apps Development and some piece of Programming Languages. But Here we mainly focus on Tutorials related to Networking Field Such as CCNA, IPv6, IPv4, CCNA Security, CCNP etc. So check our blog on Daily Basis for further updates if you want to understand technology.

About Owners of Technohelper24

Technohelper24 is started by Rahul Meena in 2016 as an experiment. But due to the keen interest in finding new things about technology the experiment goes so far and have a good and stable rank on Alexa. Later he is joined by his Elder Brother Satish Meena and they both worked hard on this and reach to the thousands of peoples using Technohelper24. But due to some complications between WordPress.com and its owners, this website goes down for a time period of 3 months. Now both of us started this once again and worked hard for giving best Tips and Tricks to Internet users.

About Rahul Meena [ That’s Me ] ?


Rahul ~ Founder of Technohelper24

I am the mind behind Technohelper24.

I am a simple guy who loves to discover new things about technology and simplify all the complex stuff related to technology by reading several books and Technical Blogs. Oh! yah I also read Technical blogs because I am not an expert, I am also a student dude.

I am an Engineering student pursuing Bachelors of Technology (B.tech) from Rajasthan Technical University (RTU). I am a Tech Geek from Jaipur, India who loves to learning and sharing new things from all the places such as Books, Internet, Seminars etc. Technohelper24 is my first step in the field of professional blogging. After it, I also started a New blog Hackgyd.com with my elder brother so we can reach to more internet users and give the best technical knowledge to the internet users. I found that blogging is the best platform to share your Ideas with others. So I started all the things that were performed by me on my system and perfectly worked for me. Oh! yea I also earn money from this but basically, this blog is made for spreading technical knowledge.

That’s the main story by which you can easily understand how Technhelper24 was Born.

About Satish Meena [ That’s My Brother ] ??


Satish ~ Founder of Technohelper24

Oh! yea you think right this cute and simple looking guy is my Elder Brother Satish Meena.

Satish helps a lot in establishing Technohelper24 to a stable position and also growing its reach to the thousands of Internet users. Satish also worked for improving SEO and SMO of this blog, so our blog can be reached to a higher position and get the higher rank on Alexa.

Satish is also a Tech Geeks from Jaipur, Rajasthan and he is also an Engineering student Pursuing Bachelors of Technology (B.tech) from Rajasthan Technical University (RTU). Satish is also read books and Technical blogs for gaining knowledge from the Internet and love to simplify all the complex stuff which are provided on the Internet and Books. After simplifying stuff from other resources he put that tutorial on Technohelper24. Satish also worked hard for growing reach of Technohelper24 to the Internet users. So the Internet users can find good stuff in a simpler and easier way.