How to Activate and use WhatsApp Bot Services on WhatsApp Account and use as a Search Engine

This article is all about what is WhatsApp bot, how to activate WhatsApp bot on your WhatsApp account, and how to use it as a search engine on WhatsApp account. We all know that WhatsApp is the most using an instant messaging app, we all use it to chat, audio call, and video call with the relatives. But few people know about the WhatsApp bot services. Most people don’t know that they can use their WhatsApp account as a search engine and as a virtual assistant for many things.

Whatsapp bot is the virtual assistant robot which launched by the WhatsApp team after Hike Natasha and Rajnikant virtual assistant. It is the big step taken by the WhatsApp to provide more reliable experience to their user. After WhatsApp bot, the user doesn’t need to go through the search engine to search anything, now they can ask their query on the WhatsApp without opening any browser.

Whatsapp bot automatically replies to any of your queries as you type your query in the respective bot chat room. From WhatsApp bot, we can access Wikipedia, news, quizzes, games, and many other things. After providing so many features WhatsApp bot still has some bugs right now, anyway after that it is very helpful to us.

Before all of that, the most important thing is how to activate WhatsApp bot on your Smartphone and how to take advantage of all of these services. So first of all here we will learn how to activate WhatsApp bot on our smartphone with the different methods and different services.

whatsapp bot services

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1. How to activate WhatsApp bot for all the necessary services

 1. First of all create a contact on your smartphone with any name of your choice, like a “WhatsApp bot service” and add this number +917397362291 in the contact. (find updated numbers here)

2. Now open WhatsApp on smartphone and go to contact and refresh contact list by click on the three dots on the top right corner of WhatsApp then click on refresh option here.

3. After updating the contact list you will see new contact name here like “WhatsApp bot service”. Now tap on it and type “Hi” in the chat box and wait for the reply.

4. After getting the reply from the “WhatsApp bot service” you can proceed, and now you can ask any query from here and WhatsApp bot reply to your query instantly as a robot or as a virtual assistant.

Here are some services which provided by the WhatsApp bot on this number are as following:

  1. Wikipedia
  2. Dictionary
  3. Calculator
  4. Translate
  5. Weather
  6. Time and date
  7. Daily Horoscope
  8. Movie showtime
  9. Currency Price
  10. PNR status
  11. Train Status
  12. Stock Price

5. After adding this number you can use the above services in the free and you can ask any query related to these services on this number anytime. But for asking your queries from Whatsapp Bot you can use these feature on this number by starting your message with the “@”. Such as if you want to search the meaning of any word the type @dictionary word.

2. How to activate WhatsApp bot for all the Quizzes and Games

1. First of all, create a contact on your smartphones like Whatsapp bot quiz and this number +17606729406  in this contact.

2. After that go to WhatsApp and then go to contact where you will see contact named WhatsApp bot quiz.

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3. After seeing this contact tap on it and send a message “Hi” in the chat box and wait for the reply.

4. When you get the reply, after that you can ask your queries here related to quiz and games.

Here are some of the Quiz and Games which is provided by the Whatsapp Bot on this number are as following:

  1. HollyQuiz
  2. FootyQuiz
  3. Vocab
  4. BollyQuiz
  5. Hangman
  6. GK
  7. Jumble
  8. HindiGK


This is the whole process that is used to access the WhatsApp bot on your device. If you found this article helpful then provide feedback to us regarding this post in the comment section and subscribe to this blog to get further update directly on your Email. And if you have any queries regarding this post you can ask it in the comment section anytime. We will be here to solve your query as soon as possible.

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