How to Add an Audio Track to a Movie or Video file in VLC Media Player

Generally, when we search for a movie to download from the internet either we don’t get in our preferred language or in good quality. we have to compromise with one of the things either with quality or language. But using this method you don’t have to be worried. You can download a movie in good quality in any language and then you can add an audio track of the choice of your language. It is a really easy method.

This article all about adding a different language audio track to a movie in VLC media player. Just like syncing subtitles, VLCmedia player is also a great tool for fixing audio that is not synced with the video file. Syncing of the unsynced audio file is another process while here we learn about insert audio file in a movie or video file. In general, we can say that we can insert audio subtitles into a video file that is not present in our preferred language on the internet.

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Before starting this process always first of all download the audio file of that video in your preferred language from the internet. Let’s start here.

How to insert an Audio Track to a Video File using VLC Media Player

 1. First of all, open VLC media player on your PC and then go to the Media menu. From here click on Open Multiple Files option or you can directly open this by shortcut keys Ctrl + Shift + O.

adding audio track to video

2. Now go to File option and click on Add button in Open Media window.

add video file

3. Now a new window will appear on the screen, In the Select one or multiple files window select the desired movie file in which you want to add an audio track. After selecting the movie file from that window click on open.

4. After selecting the movie file tick show more options checkbox. After that again a new checkbox appears to play another media synchronously, so simply again tick this checkbox also.

5. Then below that checkbox, there is an Extra media option that will appear with a Browse button. Here simply click on the Browse option. The figure is shown below.

synchronise audio track with a movie

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6. After click on the Browse option again a new Open Media window will appear on the screen. Here in this window click on the Add button and select the audio file which you have downloaded to add in this movie or video file and click on the select option to proceed. The figure is shown below

audio track to a movie

7. At the last click on the Play button to play the video with a new audio track.

8. By default, the Audio Track is set to the default language. So to change the language track go to Audio in the menu bar, then go to Audio Track in which select Track2 to watch the video in your downloaded language. And Enjoy your movie in your preferred language without any worries.

change audio track in vlc media player

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I would prefer to download the original full-length movie file from torrent so that if you try to add an audio track to this, it will synchronize properly. Because the audio tracks are dubbed according to the original full-length movies. You can also prefer other sources to download movies according to your suitability.

NOTE: – Always Remember that torrent is banned by the Indian government so use torrent at your own risk. Otherwise, we are not responsible for any type of action taken by the Indian government against you for using torrent.


So this is all about how we can add an audio track in a movie video file using VLC media player. If you have any queries regarding this article then you can easily ask your query in the comment section and also give the feedback for this post. Follow our blog for further updates and stay updated. Also, share it with your friends and family.

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