Basic Facts about Linux Operating System

Linux is the widely used and well known open-source operating system. From personal computers to servers, supercomputers, smartphones, and home appliances Linux is everywhere nowadays. Just like windows, mac, android it is also an operating system. Just like other operating systems Linux is also used to communicate between your system hardware and software. It provides resources for them to communicate.

Linux is a transparent operating system in comparison with others like Windows, Android, Chrome, and Mac operating systems. Generally, Linux is developed for personal computers, not for supercomputers and servers. But nowadays Linux is mainly used on Servers and supercomputers instead of personal computers due to its transparent behavior. Linux is based on Intel x86 architecture and nowadays Linux is also used on personal computers as well as we use Windows on our Personal computers due to its rich features.

Firstly Linux operating system is used in the mid-of-1990s by supercomputing communities. Such as NASA started to replace its expensive machines with inexpensive commodity computers which are operated on the Linux operating system. Generally, Linux is not an Operating System, yet it is the kernel, while GNU Linux is the Operating system that comes in hundreds of different flavors. The First important thing about Linux is How it was created.

How was it Created

Linux was created on the base of Unix. It is completely just like Unix. Just like Unix, it has very fewer issues or troubles with it. The only difference between them is that you have to buy Unix subscription while Linux is completely freeware. Lots of its basic layout is derived from principles set up in Unix at some point of the 90th century approx inside the 1970s to 1980. The main author of Linux is Linus Torvalds. The Unix Operating system was first implemented by Thompson, Dennise Ritchie, Douglas McIlroy, and Joe Ossanna in 1969 at Bell Laboratories in the USA. In the beginning, Unix was written in Assembly language because at that time Assembly Language is the most popular language. Later it was rewritten in C Programming Language via Dennise Ritchie in 1973. C Programming Language is originally introduced by Dennise Ritchie in Bell Laboratory USA.

Why We use Linux Operating System

It is the most important and frequently asked question of why we should use Linux. Why should we learn a different operating environment? I just wanna ask you that is your OS is working fine? or Are you constantly fighting with issues like malware, viruses, system slowdowns, Costly services, and licenses? If you are fighting with all these problems and want to get rid of all these problems, then Linux is the operating system you are searching for.

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Linux is the most trusted and most used operating system nowadays on the planet. Linux is the operating system with zero cost of the subscription. Yes, it is a freeware with zero cost for entry. You can use it on as many systems as you like without spending even a single penny on it. It is a setup and forgets type of system. You just have to configure it and leave, it will run without any problem. You can’t even have to reboot the system in your whole life but it is needed to reboot only when the kernel is updated. As well as Services updated on that distribution or flavor.

In Linux Operating System you can take the almost infinite amount of control over a system. While in Windows Operating System you can only control what Microsoft allows you to control. But this feature of Windows is necessary for beginners so Windows is the most used operating System on Personal computers. Due to its best Graphical User Interface and limitations on control of the system.

How does Linux Operating System Work

Generally, Linux Operating System has two user interfaces, the user interface in Linux is also known as the Shell. In which one is the Command-Line Interface (CLI) and the other is the Graphical User Interface (GUI). Both of the modes have their importance like for Servers we only use the CLI user interface. Because it is lightweight than the GUI user interface. While on the Personal Computers we use the GUI user interface, So we can easily understand and do our work on the Linux Operating System.

Command-Line Interface is the text-based interface, in which we only use texts for giving input and taking output. While in Graphical User Interface we do all of the works in the Graphical mode as well as in Text-mode according to our need. GUI is the most popular desktop user interface because it is based on the X Window System.

Types of operating systems present in the market 

As being freeware and having open source license it is easily available online for free. To install a Linux operating system on your desktop easily download it from the internet and burn it to a CD or it to a flash drive and then install it on your system. Linux has many versions for different purposes and uses. Typically, Linux is packaged in a form known as a Linux distribution for both desktop and server use. Some of the most popular mainstream Linux distributions are Arch Linux, CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Gentoo Linux, Linux Mint, Mageia, openSUSE, Backtrack, and Ubuntu, together with commercial distributions such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.

Availability of Linux Distributions in Market

As being freeware and having open source license it is available online for free. You just have to download and burn on CD or Flash Drive and install it on your system. It is not only available in a single version. Linux has many of the distributions for different types of purposes and uses. Its other versions are also available for Servers as well as for Personal and Supercomputers on the internet.

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • Ubuntu Server
  • CentOS
  • SUSE Enterprise Linux.
  • BackTrack
  • Fedora
  • Kali Linux
  • Debian
  • Kubuntu
  • DNA Linux
  • Arch Linux
  • BlackArch Linux
  • WinLinux
  • Gentoo Linux
  • LinuxMint
  • Puppy Linux
  • Scientific Linux

These are some of the famous distributions or flavors of the Linux Operating System. That is widely used nowadays on Servers and Personal Computers for different types of work. Such as Programming, Learning different Operating Systems other than Windows.

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Where can you use Linux Operating System other than Personal Computers

Linux is generally used on Personal Computers and companies nowadays other than this you can also use Linux in the following places and appliances.

1. Servers

2. Supercomputers

3. Smartphones and other smart devices

4. Mainframes

5. Embedded Devices

6. Gaming Systems

7. Home Theaters

8. Digital security

9. System Rescue

10. Other Configurable Hardware

What if a Problem Appears (Troubleshooting in Linux)

As being an operating system we can’t say that it will not have any problem anytime. A problem can appear anytime. In that case, you can purchase a yearly maintenance subscription for your system. There is a large number of technicians available for Linux. If you buy a service pack you will get technical support anytime. And your system and data will be recovered to normal.


These are the Basic Facts about the Linux Operating system that was known by me. If you know any other useful facts about Linux then simply suggest using the Comment Section. Also, Provide feedback to us because your feedback is valuable for us. Follow our blog for further updates and stay updated.

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