How to Block Websites on your Windows PC Without using any third Party Applications

Sometimes you get annoyed by the persons who ask for your laptop when you are doing some important work just to visit social sites and you are unable to refuse them. So, for that situation, you should know how to block a website. So that if he takes your laptop next time he will not be able to reach that site and gives your system back to you.

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To block a site you should know How this works and should have information about what IP is?

IP (Internet Protocol) is the protocol /method of sending a message from one computer to another computer. Each computer in the world connected to the internet is assigned a unique identity known as the IP address. And there are some reserved IP’s for different purposes from which an IP ‘’ is reserved known as loopback IP, its use to address the same machine(localhost). To block any site we use this IP. Now follow these simple steps to block websites on your Windows PC.

For this method, we don’t require any additional software to be installed on your computer. we do this work easily by editing a notepad file in windows. That notepad file is named as host file in Windows operating system. By using this trick we can make our computer redirect again to our machine instead of opening that host site. So follow below-given steps to block a website¬†using windows host file on your system.

 1. First of all, open the ‘C’ drive (in which window is installed).

2. Then Follow the Path: Local disk (C) <Windows <System32 <driversetc

3. Now in the etc folder open properties of the host’s file.

4. Then go to the Security tab and select the Current user and select edit down below it to edit the permissions for users.

5. After that, a new pop-up window (Permissions for hosts) will appear from where we can easily edit permissions for users. So, edit the permissions here as shown below and then click on OK.

edit permissions for hosts

6. Now open the Hosts file in Notepad. The file will look like as shown in the below image:

hosts file in notepad

7. Here at the end of all text in this file, type<space>website name. At the place of website name type the name of the site which you want to block on your PC.

If you want to block Facebook on your Windows PC, then type:
block websites


After following these steps if you try to open that site in any browser it will not open and leads it back to your system until you do not remove the site from that list. So if you have any queries or suggestions regarding this article, please post it in the comment section and gave feedback to us.

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