How to Create a New Partition or Volume in Windows (Graphical method)

The division of the disk or drive on a system is the best way to organize our data which is stored on a system. Disk partitioning is to divide the hard drive into multiple logical units or volumes. so you can create a new partition or volume. And you can specify all the logical units for different purposes according to your need and store data in them. This helps a lot in organizing our data on a system like we can our operating system data from other important data and thus reduce the chances of your data become corrupted.

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This article is all about partition creation in windows. In the previous article, we learn how to shrink a partition in the Windows operating system. So we can get an unallocated space to create a new partition on that disk. Now here we learn about how to create a new partition in windows without using the command prompt in other words we can say that graphically. This method is helpful in creating a partition when your command prompt does not work properly on your windows system and you want to create a new partition on the Windows platform.

How to create the partition in Windows graphically

Now follow these given below steps to create a new partition on your Windows Operating System without using the Command Prompt. So let’s start here

Step 1: First of all, open Run Search Box on your PC by using Windows key + R and then type diskmgmt.msc in it and press Enter to proceed.

⇒ If this method does not work on your computer. Then simply right click on This PC icon then click on manage option and wait. Now you can see that a new window will be opened on your screen. Now simply choose disk management option from right sidebar and wait till your disk management system window will be shown on your screen.

Step 3: Now in Disk management’s graphical view, right-click on an unallocated or free area and then choose a New Simple Volume from options to create a new partition on your hard disk. As shown in the figure.

⇒ If you do not have unallocated space on your system and you want to create a new partition. Then simply shrink one of your partition and create unallocated space then create the new partition.

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disk management

Step 4: After click on the “New simple volume” option on your screen, a new pop-up window will appear on your screen. Now read the welcome page which is written in the new pop-up window and simply click on Next option to proceed.

Step 5: Now in this pop-up window it will ask you to specify the size for your new partition. It will also show you the maximum and minimum size you can give in megabytes. Now specify the size of the volume within these limits and then click on Next to proceed. (Always remember to give a size of the volume in megabytes.) As the figure is shown below.

assign size to new partition

Step 6: After clicking on Next option it will ask you for Assign drive letter or path. Now simply choose any of the letters which are given in the list and then click on Next option to proceed. As the figure is shown below

assign letter

Step 7: After that, the format partition window will appear on the screen as the next task.  Make sure that all entries will be filled correctly and also select Format this volume with the following settings option. Also, don’t forget to click on perform quick format option. ( Always remember that In file system NTFS will be selected and in Allocation unit size Default option will be selected.)

format partition

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Step 8: Now it will ask you to finish this process and create a new partition of a specific size. And all entries will be shown on this screen which is filled by you in the previous action. If you found something wrong then simply go back by clicking on the Back option. Then fill again those entries correctly and then click on Finish option.

complete partition creation


Now you will see that a new partition will be created on your hard disk of a specific size. You can use this partition to store data and any other purpose. If you have any queries regarding this then simply solved it through the comment section. Also, share it with your friends and family and stay tuned for further updates.

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