Some fascinating facts about Torrent websites and clients

what is Torrent and why we use Torrent? Torrents are a reliable way to share a large amount of data over the internet. By using Torrent sites we can download any files like Games, Movies, Softwares, iso files, and many more things either they are banned, pirated, and cracked. You will get all these material from torrent for free that’s the reason why Torrent is used all over the world. Torrent works on point to point file-sharing method.

Torrent is used all over the world and millions of the users use Torrent sites. Because it made the data sharing easy but it is quite slow because millions of users will use Torrent sites to download any banned and pirated content. So here I will provide you a list of all top Torrent sites. This article is all about Some fascinating facts about Torrent websites and here I provide a list of torrent websites that are active in all the countries nowadays.

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First of all, here we talk about advantage and disadvantage of Torrent.

Advantages of Torrent websites and servers: – 

⇒ Using the torrent we can share any file with the whole world within a short duration from anywhere on the internet.

⇒ You can use torrent for personal and private users by uploading and downloading from the top torrent sites.

⇒ By using torrent we can download any of the content for free no matter it was banned in your country or not.

⇒ Torrent is also used to download all the cracked content like movies, Softwares, and games also in your country no matter it is banned or not in your country.

⇒ By using torrent we can also be able to download paid games and Softwares for free.


Disadvantages of Torrent websites and servers: –

⇒ Some of the torrent files are having viruses but not all the torrents are infected so this is not a big drawback.

⇒ Sometimes hackers put viruses in files to steal your personal data from your system and upload that files on torrents. So always beware of those types of files while trying to downloading from torrent websites.

⇒ Downloading and uploading speed of torrents is very slow no matter you have decent internet speed because of the worldwide traffic to torrent servers.

⇒ Many of the Softwares and games on the torrents are pirated. But some of the pirated Softwares and games are illegal to download. it is considered as an offense according to cybercrime.

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Here I will provide top best Torrent clients for Windows, Mac, and Linux {Best Torrent softwares}

Torrent Softwares or Applications that used to download the torrent files or transfers the large files. These Softwares provide a platform by which we can easily download torrent files on your system. These given below Softwares are work on all the operating systems either Windows, Linux, or Mac, and Android also. So use these Softwares to speed up your download speed from the torrent server.

1. Utorrent –  Best torrent client

Utorrent is the best torrent client which is used worldwide for faster download and upload speed. This is one of the best Lightweight software to download torrent files. It is easier to use and has a user-friendly interface.

utorrent  - best torrent client

2. Vuze – Best torrent software

Vuze is the second best and alternative for downloading torrent files with clients. After the Utorrent, this is the best alternative for downloading torrent files from Torrent servers and websites.

3. BitLoard – Best torrent application

This is also the best torrent application after Utorrent and Vuze torrent client. This torrent client is Lightweight and also has a user-friendly interface. This is available for both Windows and Mac devices and it also allows you to create and add your personal or private torrent files.

4. Transmission – Best torrent software

Transmission is a lightweight and open-source torrent client. It is a perfect client for all types of servers. Transmission can also be controlled remotely with the web, PC, or other devices.

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5. Tixati – Best torrent software

This torrent client is only available for Windows and Mac devices. It also provides a port forwarding feature in it. Tixati is a simple and basic BitTorrent client.

6. Deluge – Top torrent clients

This is a free torrent client that provides a platform by which we can download torrent files. It also supports proxy and has u torrent point(peer) exchange feature in it. Deluge also allows you to set a password for downloaded files.

NOTE: – Always bear in mind in the many countries where the torrent is legal downloading copyrighted material most often is not legal. So always use VPN software for Anonymity, Unblocking as well as No throttling.

Here I provide you a list of top torrent websites from which you can easily download cracked Softwares, movies, web series, tv shows, and games for free. {Best torrent websites}

  2.  KickAss Torrent
  3. Extra
  5. YTSE Torrent
  6. YIFY


Torrents are very useful sources because they provide all the desired software and many more things at a place but do not misuse them otherwise, you are in trouble. These are the best torrent clients (Softwares) and websites. if you have any suggestions suggest through using the comment section.

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