Fight phone addiction with these apps

Keeping track of your screen time and try hard not to pick your phone is a different tactic and what you are about to read is a different one. Google has introduced Digital Wellbeing with Android Pie and it is a good initiative. But it isn’t perfect if you are fighting against your phone addiction without a Pixel device or Android P. For those who cannot try this feature here are some ways to tackle phone addiction.  

It is 2020 and I cannot be talking about Windows Phones here, but think again. Why not go grab a used Windows Phone from eBay or somewhere else? It has too many limitations, right. But aren’t we trying to limit our screen time with keeping ourselves close to what is important? I have seen many people giving it a try and they end up reducing their screen time up to 50-60%. We can do this on Android also with the help of the points stated below.

Try muting all the notifications with just important emails leading you to pick your phone, switch off your phone, give social-media a break, try finding a new hobby or make new friends to hang out with. These all things can be seen on any Digital Detox article. So we are gonna try looking at some apps to achieve our goal here.

Forest: Stay focused

Starting with the most popular app to beat phone addiction. It’s been here for a while and we love it. All you have to do is plant a seed in a Forest and it will grow if you don’t interact with your phone. It is an interesting way to make you stay focused. you can track your focused moments in a simple and pleasant way and earn rewards and unlock new tree species. Try it and Stay focused.

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Lessphone Launcher

Less phone takes it to a whole new level, just 4 apps on the screen with date and time. Tasks are there to make you more focused. You can switch between Light and Dark themes. This launcher holds good with its tagline, Less Addiction More Life. Try it here.

SPACE : Break phone addiction, stay focused

This productivity app from SPACE team is ad-free and was previously known as BreakFree. Below is the feature list and there are some impressive results after a few weeks (claimed).

Guide on: – Wondering how the web works?

• Understand your current habits.
• Understand what ‘type’ of phone user you are – be it boredom battler, social sticky-mitt, rabbit hole wanderer, or busy bee.
• Set goals to track phone usage and unlocks, track progress against these goals over time; including usage by app.
• Use tools, such as excluding apps, notification blocking and screen dimming to curb usage
• Receive interruptions to keep you on track.   Click here to try this app.

Keep me out

Note: This app uses the Device Administrator permission   Keep Me Out allows you to lock yourself out of your mobile device for a time period that you want. You will still have access to the lock screen and its widgets, so you can still make emergency calls and answer calls. Try it.


Ever wanted to block some apps for a specific time? This app allows you to make profiles like work, play and they are triggered on a preset time for a specified period. You can manage which apps, notifications to allow in which profile. There is a list of blocked notifications, so you don’t miss anything important. Try this app

Please make a note that you have to follow these things more strictly with time to maintain a better phone/life balance. Other apps worth trying are –

Say NO to procrastination.

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