How to fix slow booting in Windows 10

This article is about how to fix slow booting in Windows 10 and speed up your PC or laptop. Many of the Windows users facing this problem that the booting speed of their PC or laptop will be slow down after installing Windows 10 on their system. But no one can able to find the reason behind the slow boot. Actually, it is very simple that is fixed with some changes in your settings like “cleaning temporary files from your system” and by “Turn on fast startup” in your Windows setting. So now to fix this problem use below-given methods there are two methods available maybe one of them is helpful for you.

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Method 1: – Fix Windows 10 slow booting by changing in setting

Step 1: – First of all click on the start menu which is given in the bottom left corner of the screen then search for Power option using Cortana.

Step 2: – After that click on the Power option icon which will be shown at uppermost in the search results Which is given by the Cortana. The figure is shown below

open power options using cortana

Step 3: – After clicking on the Power option a new window will be opened on your screen. In this window click on the option “Choose what power buttons do” which is given at the left-hand sidebar.

Step 4: – After that, you can see a shield icon on this page simply click on it. It will show an option that says“Change settings that are currently unavailable”. The figure is shown below

turn off fast startup in windows 10

Step 5: – After that, it may ask you for the administrator’s permission simply give those permissions to it.

Step 6: – After that scroll down and find out Shutdown settings that are given at the bottom of the page. that includes Turn on fast startup, Sleep, Hibernate, Lock in it.

Step 7: – Now from those settings un-check the option Turn on fast startup which is checked by default.

Step 8: – After that click on the Save changes option which is given at the bottom of the page.

This is the first method by which you can easily fix the Windows 10 slow boot problem in seconds. If this method doesn’t work for you then go for the second and third method that is given below.

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Method 2: – Always keep Desktop clean

To fix the slow boot problem in Windows 10 cleaning of Desktop plays a very important role. Many users keep many of the unnecessary files and shortcuts on their Desktop which also causes slow booting on your system. So always keep Desktop clean by deleting unnecessary shortcuts from your Desktop and always keep less installed Software on your system. Because they also put bad impact on booting. For properly cleaning your Desktop always delete temporary files from your system after uninstalling a program from your system. Always keep Recycle bin empty because it also takes effect on booting. So these are some tricks that help you in fast booting of Windows 10 operated PC and laptops. For keeping a clean Desktop you can use a third-party software named CCleaner which is available on the internet.

Method 3: – Disable your Graphics driver to fix Windows 10 slow boot problem

I know this is a bad idea but it is very helpful for speed up your PC or laptop because Graphics plays a very important role in the booting speed of a laptop or PC. By disabling your Graphics drivers some changes will occur on your PC that is your PC looks uglier than before but the booting speed of your PC will be extremely high. So use this method if you want to speed up your PC or laptop. Follow below-given steps to disable your Graphics driver.

Step 1: – First of all click on the Start menu and search for Device Manager using the Cortana search box.

Step 2: – After that choose the Device Manager icon from the search results which is given by Cortana. The figure is shown below

open device manager using cortana search box

Step 3: – After that many of the options, will be shown on your screen from which click on the Display adapters option.

Step 4: – After clicking on that it shows you a list of adapters from which you have to identify a dedicated graphics card. It may be Nvidia or AMD in my case it is Nvidia graphics card.

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Step 5: – After identifying the dedicated graphics card on your system simply right-click on it and choose the disable option to disable the graphics card from your system. The figure is shown below

disable graphics drivers to fix slow boot problem in windows 10

Step 6: – After that, your screen turns to black for once and your system accepts changes that are made by you. So no need to worry about that black screen that is a part of the procedure.

 Step 7: – After that restart, your PC and you can saw the effects that your PC is booting faster than usual. So this method can resolve all of your problems with ease.


These are the easiest methods to speed up your PC and also fix your slow boot problem in Windows 10. So use these methods and make your system fast. Comment your thoughts.

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