How to fix Windows SmartScreen can’t be reached right now problem in Windows PC

Most of the cyber-attacks occurred due to run a corrupt software or file on the system. Many of the hackers use this method to hack a system they corrupt genuinely applications by some malware by combining them using some tools which are available on the internet. Microsoft is aware of this so they introduced Windows SmartScreen feature in Windows 8 or later versions of Windows.

Windows SmartScreen filter offers protection to Microsoft edge and also for desktop applications. But sometimes when we run an application on our system then we saw that it shows an error screen on our system with an error message Windows SmartScreen can’t be reached right now. If you saw this message on your system then here is what you can do.

If you trust the website or the application then click on the Run anyway option to proceed otherwise click on the Don’t run option to protect your PC from any type of virus attack and hacking attack. Sometimes this problem occurs due to the connectivity to the internet, in that case, check your internet connection. There might be many factors that may involve avoiding this feature running on your system. If you have this type of problem on your system then use given below methods to get rid of it.

Factors that affect working of Windows SmartScreen on Windows 10

1.  Internet Connection

This is the most common problem which causes trouble in running the Windows SmartScreen filter. So, first of all, make sure that your internet connection is working properly. Because Windows SmartScreen requires the internet for working properly. If your system is not connected from the internet then this message appears on your screen.

2.  Windows SmartScreen Setting

Sometimes we do some changes in settings for some reasons and after some time we totally forget about it. So Windows shows this error message on our screen. In that case, check Windows SmartScreen settings and set it to default. To do so in Windows 10 open Windows Defender Security Center then click on the App & Browser control option to proceed. Now check your SmartScreen settings are set to their default or not. To check this use below-given figure and options.

• Check apps and files – Warn

• SmartScreen for Microsoft Edge – Warn

• SmartScreen for Windows Store apps – Warn

windows smartscreen settings for systems

If you use an earlier version of Windows then you can configure SmartScreen settings by executing given below command using a Run search box.


If you want to know more about Windows SmartScreen then read my previous articles.

3.  Make sure that Windows SmartScreen is enabled

If all of the settings are set to their default but Windows SmartScreen does not work on your system then make sure that Windows SmartScreen is enabled on your system or not. You can enable or disable Windows SmartScreen on your system by using Local Group Policy Editor on your system. To do so read my previous article and apply it on your system. After that check your system that Windows SmartScreen is enabled on your system or not.

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4.  Scan your system for Viruses using Anti-virus

Sometimes this type of error is coming due to viruses. Because some types of malware having capability to control our system and make changes without administration permission. So it is possible that the SmartScreen filter is disabled by malware. So, in that case, use Windows Defender or your installed Anti-Virus software for scanning your system and remove that virus completely.

Steps to Fix Windows SmartScreen problem in Windows

1.  First of all reboot your system for more than one time. Because many of the problems are fixed in Windows by rebooting the system.

2.  Always make sure that your system is up to date with the latest version of Windows. If your system is not updated then install latest Windows updates on your system.

3.  Make sure that your Windows Defender is up-to-date with the latest Virus and Spyware definitions and it works properly on your system.

4.  Make sure that your Internet connection Works properly at a decent speed. If not then troubleshoot your network adapter using Windows troubleshooter. It fixes many of the problems automatically.

5.  If Windows SmartScreen does not work on Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer. In that case, reset your Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge to their defaults.

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6.  Always delete temporary files from your system because temporary files occupied space on your system and your system does not have enough space to work smoothly. So always keep clean your system and have enough disk space on your system to operate system perfectly.

7.  If you use any Third-party Antivirus on your system then remove it to check. Because sometimes Third-party Antiviruses take Windows SmartScreen as a Virus and disable it from your system. So check whether this process helps you or not. If you do not observe any type of change then again install it on your system.

8.  If the above methods do not work on your PC then the final option is to reset your PC. By reinstalling the operating system on your PC it helps a lot because it removes all of the previous settings from your system and your system works smoother and faster than before.


If you have any queries regarding this then simply solved out through the comments section. Also, stay tuned for further updates.

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