How to Format a Pendrive using Command Prompt in Windows

Formatting is the process by which we can easily remove all of the data from a drive such as a pen drive, flash drive, as well as from hard disk also. By this process, we can easily wipe all of the data from our drives in a click and after that, we can also be able to change the partition system of our disk or drive. In windows that all of the processes can be done in two ways in which one is done by Graphical User Interface and another by command line. While in Linux Operating System that can be done only by command line because on the servers we cannot use GUI rather than we use the command line.

We all know how to format a pen drive using a graphical user interface but sometimes it is not possible in graphical user interface due to some viruses. Then in that situation, Command-Line plays an important role in formatting that disk or drive. So it also important for us to have information about formatting a pen drive using the command prompt. It is also a simple process like formatting graphically. To format pen drive you just have to follow these simple steps:

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Follow given below steps to format a pen drive using command prompt in Windows

1. First, of all open the Command Prompt and then type command diskpart and press enter button. Now you can see that a new popup window will appear on the screen and it contains all control of diskpart command in it.

open diskpart command in cmd

2. Now in this window, type command list disk and press Enter key. From this command, a list of the disks will appear from which choose your pen drive by checking disk size. To do that, type command select disk 1 (here instead of 1, type pen drive letter which is shown on your PC screen). If your pen drive has a different letter choose that letter and type at the place of 1.

Note: During this process choose the disk carefully otherwise if you choose the wrong disk than all data from your hard disk will be deleted.

select a disk in command prompt

3. Now after selecting the drive, type command clean and press Enter key. After that, again type create partition primary command and press Enter.

clean a pendrive using cmd

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4. After that, type command select partition 1 and press Enter. Now again type command active and then press Enter key. This command will mark the current partition as active.

select a partition using command prompt

5. Now format pen drive using command format fs=ntfs quick and then assign a letter (if you want to assign a letter on your pen drive) using command assign and press Enter.

format a pendrive using command prompt

6. After assigning the letter, type exit to quit the command prompt window.


Now your pen drive is formatted successfully and now you can use that pen drive without any problem for different purposes. During this process of pen drive formatting if you found any difficulty and queries regarding this process then simply solved out all the queries using the comment section. Also, provide feedback to us. Also, follow our blog and stay updated with us.

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