How does Google Home work with its Hands-Free calling?

Google Home is a smart speaker developed by Google and it enables users to speak voice commands to interact with services through the Google Assistant. In other words, we can say that the Google Home device is the immovable personal assistant of the user, which performs the task of the user.

In this article, I will tell you about Google Home which is the best example of artificial intelligence. Here I will describe what is Google home? how to call anyone using Google Home? how to do hands-free calling using the Google Home smart speaker? and other features of the Google Home smart speaker, and what type of task can be performed by the Google Home. In the short, we can say that here we learn how to use google home speakers with ease.

google home voice activated speaker

How to make hands-free phone calls by the Google Home?

Actually, there is no special setup for making a hands-free calling with Google Home. It uses their intelligence to place a call to nearby businesses based on user location and if you will give Google Home access to your contact then it uses your Google account contacts to make a call to your relative which is saved in the google account.

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Remember that Google Home will use your wifi connection to place your call so to place a call with Google home first check your wifi connection and then you will say, “OK Google (to activate the Google home) call [contact name]”, For example:

  • “OK Google, call dad.”
  • “OK Google, call Peanut.”
  • “OK Google, call the nearest restaurant.”
  • “Ok Google, call Mohit da dabha.”

After that, when the call started ringing, then the light ring on the Google Home device will be changed to pale blue. And then if you want to end the call then say “OK Google, hang up,” or tap on the top of Google Home speaker, and then your call will be disconnected.

What are the Drawbacks or limitations of Google Home?

By default, there is some drawback with Google Home such as emergency numbers are not available to call using Google Home because Google Home use the wifi network to place a call so there is problem occur to track the accurate location of the caller over the wifi network and cannot be tracked easily over a wifi network.

And by default when you place calls to anyone then the call recipients will see either unknown number or No Caller ID and most of the people do not respond easily to the unknown mystery call and hesitant to pick up so this also a limitation from Google Home. But this is not a big concern and it can be solved by becoming a user of Google phones related services such as Google Voice and Project Fi and then can link their number to Google Home by going to the assistant setting in your Google Home smartphone app.

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The Google Home voice calling can be done with the help of the Google Home device only. We can not place a call or message using the app when away from the speaker like an Amazon Alexa calling and messaging app. And another drawback is that Google Home does not provide a facility to call from one Google Home to another Google Home such as Amazon Alexa speaker.

Why is Google Home speaker better than Amazon Alexa speaker?

Google Home is a smart speaker that comes to the competition of Alexa speaker. There is some limitation in the Alexa speaker which is overcome by the Google Home speaker and defeat the Alexa speaker. In Alexa speaker calls can be placed from one Alexa user to another Alexa user only. While in Google Home speaker you can call your Google contact and businesses and it is not necessary to be a Google Home speaker on both sides like an Alexa speaker.

Google Home calling is integrated with multi-user support. It means Google home recognized the voice of the user and then place the call. For example, if you say “OK Google, call mom” then it will call your mother. And if another registered user says “OK Google, call mom” then Google Home will call to respective user mother by recognizing the user’s voice. So Google Home is more flexible than the Amazon Alexa.

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Features of Google home speaker in short

Google Home speaker is generally used for hands-free calling but we can also use this for many of the other purposes with voice commands that are given below.

  1.  Alarm: – You can set, check, cancel, stop, and snooze an alarm with your voice.
  2.  Calculator: – You can perform complicated calculations simply by your voice.
  3.  Dictionary: – You can get definitions and spellings for words by using your voice.
  4. Facts and info: – You can get answers to all the everyday questions by your voice.
  5.  Games: – You can play games with an assistant.
  6.  Hands-Free calling: – You can place calls to family, friends local businesses in the U.S. and Canada.
  7. Light Control: – You can turn off/on smart light bulbs with your voice.
  8.  TV streaming and control: – You can stream your video content to any TV that has built-in Chromecast.
  9.  Traffic: – You can ask for traffic time for driving, walking, and biking to a specific location.
  10.  Translation: – You can translate your words and phrases in supported languages through your voice.

Apart from these features Google home also has many of the features in it. To know more about Google home speakers click here


These are some features of Google Home speakers. If you want to know more about this product click on the above-given link. I think this article is helpful for you if you have any queries regarding this then simply solved out through the comment section and also provide feedback to us. Because your feedback is valuable to us. For further updates follow our blog and stay updated.

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