Hide and Show text in Notepad using Command Prompt.

Security is a major threat nowadays. There is a number of software available online to hide/protect your passwords. But you can also hide your important passwords in notepad using the command prompt. Yes, you can hide and show text in notepad using command prompt and no one can see your data by opening that text file. On opening that file it will look like a simple text file with no data or fake data which you want to show to peoples but in it, there is your hidden data and you can it back.

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Hide text in the notepad is the safest method or process for hiding your text because it uses the inbuilt feature of Windows that is trustable by us. you can also use this trick in front of your non-geeky friends they will absolutely be stunned by this and to do this process you do not need any internet connection. And it also does not require any special requirements like space on the hard drive and it is quite simpler than others you only use a single security key for your all data stored in it.

How to hide text in notepad using the command prompt

To hide and see your data just follow these simple steps:-

1. Open the command prompt as administrator by searching it and selecting run as administrator after right-click on it or apply shortcut command ‘window key+x‘ and then select ‘command prompt(Admin)‘.

open command prompt as administrator  command prompt as admin

2. Now open the root directory where you want to create a file. Example:- as here I want to create a file in drive d. So, to open drive d type “d:” command in command prompt.

3. Now type command “notepad hemendra.txt:hidden“. here “hemendra” is the name of the file and “hidden” is the key for locking the file and the same key is also used for unlocking the hidden file. So you can see your message in that text file.

hide text in notepad command prompt

4. A new window will appear asking to create a new file in which select ‘yes‘ and then type the text in the notepad file which you want to hide in that file.

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5. After entering the data in the file close the file and save it. Now the file can be seen in the root drive graphically but when you open it there will be no data that will be shown in that file. all of your data will be hidden in the file that can only be accessed by the key that is set by us in previous steps.

6. Now you can add some unimportant text data to the file graphically so that it is visible to the others when they are trying to open that file so no one will delete that file or will not have any concern about the blank file.

7. You can also hide another important text in that same file by using another key. So if anyone got the hidden key by chance then they can only be able to saw the data that is hidden under that key. They will never be able to saw your other data that is also hidden in that file with the different keys. To do so use “notepad hemendra.txt:jaya” command in command prompt and hide your text in it with different security keys.

How to show hidden text from notepad using the command prompt

Now to show hidden text from the notepad file use given below steps: –

1. Again open the command prompt window with the administration privilege the same as step 1 used in the hidden procedure that is given above and navigates to the drive where your file is stored on your system. 

2. Now to see your data back follow the same steps till opening the root drive in command prompt (follow till step 2). Then type command ‘notepad hemendra.txt:hidden‘ and you can see that the data will be shown to your screen in notepad. After editing the data (if required) in file save changes to the file and quit command prompt.

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3. If you hide different text in the same text file with different keys then use your other keys for showing that data too. To do so insert your other keys in extension after the colon(:) for example here I use “notepad hemendra.txt:jaya” command in command prompt to saw the data that is hidden under this security key in the same text file.

Note: – Always remember that if your text file is deleted from your system then your all data will be unavailable or deleted too. You can not be able to access that data again till you recover that file again.


This is the whole process by which you can easily hide and show the data that is hidden under a security key in text file or notepad. This method is quite helpful for hiding passwords on your system without using any third-party software on your system. If you have any queries regarding this then solved out through the comment section and also provide feedback to us. Because your feedback is valuable for us. Follow our blog for further updates and also share it with friends and family.

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