How to add extensions in the Microsoft Edge browser?

This article is all about how to add extensions in the Microsoft Edge browser on your Windows PC. Here we also read about some useful extensions in Microsoft edge which helps you a lot to operate Microsoft edge and also work for many other things like web clipper, article saver, etc. We all know that Windows 10 has a whole bunch of Microsoft Edge browser extensions that can be used by a user and make the Microsoft Edge more productive than before.

You can add extensions in your Microsoft Edge browser and you can power-up your Edge browser with a variety of new pluggable features. Microsoft Edge’s extensions are similar to Chrome’s extensions and Firefox’s add-ons. Extensions are small third-party tools that add new features in your browser and also enhance your web experience. Now Microsoft gives you some limited extensions but it’s expected to grow soon.

Here we learn how to install extensions in your Microsoft Edge’s browser. First of all, check that your Windows 10 will be updated with the latest update. If your Windows will not be updated yet then, first of all, update your windows by using the below-given procedure.

Note: – The extensions can only be installed in the Edge Browser on Windows 10 versions which are released after the anniversary update that is released a long time ago. So update your Windows to the latest version before installing extensions to the Edge browser.

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How to install Windows 10 latest updates on your system

To update your windows with the new Anniversary update follow below-given steps.

Step 1: – First of all open windows setting by click on the Start button then choose the Setting option to open windows setting on your screen.

Step 2: – Now after that in windows setting search for Update and security option and then click on it to proceed.

Step 3: – Now after that, you saw that Windows update will automatically start searching for available updates if not, then click on search for updates button to do the same which is given on the top of the screen.

Step 4: – After some time you saw that it finishes searching and find some updates for your windows. Now to download these updates on your system simply click on the Download button. After downloading that update install it on your system, and restart your system so the changes can take place.

Now you can see that your system was updated successfully. Now you can be able to add extensions in Microsoft Edge browser on your system by using below-given steps.

How to add extensions in your Microsoft Edge browser on your system

To add extensions in your Microsoft Edge browser follow given steps.

Step 1: – Now first of all open Microsoft Edge browser in your system.

Step 2: – After that click on the More button which is indicated by () in the Microsft Edge browser on your system. More option is shown at the top on the right side just under the close option.

Step 3: – After that, you saw that many options will be opened on your screen like Zoom, Cast media to the device, etc. Now choose Extensions option from this list to add extensions on your browser.

add extensions in microsoft edge

Step 4: – After clicking on the Extensions option you saw that a new sidebar will be opened at the right side. In this sidebar simply click on Explore more extensions link which is visible in the sidebar.

Step 5: – Now after clicking on that link you saw that the windows store will be opened in a new window on your screen.

Step 6: – Now in the windows store, you can see that various extensions will be shown for the Microsoft Edge browser.

Step 7: – Now after that click on the desired extensions according to your need and then click on the Get button to install it to your browser and enhance your web experience using these extensions.

Step 8: – After that wait for few seconds until the extension is downloaded completely after that you can see that your extension is installed on your browser.

Step 9: – Now go to your Microsoft Edge browser again and now you can see that a new pop-up screen will be opened on your Microsoft Edge browser. This pop-up screen asks you for the permissions that are required by the extensions and also asks you if you want to enable this extension or not.

Step 10: – Now click on the Turn it on option if you want to enable it otherwise click on Keep it off option to disable it from your Edge browser.

turn on extension in edge browser


Now you see that you have successfully installed an extension to your Microsoft Edge browser. Comment your thoughts.

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