How to flash a custom recovery like TWRP and CWM on your Android devices?

If you want to root an Android device and flash a custom ROM on your Android device. The easiest way to do that is to flash a custom recovery like TWRP is a great way to do so. Here we learn how to how to flash it on your phone. Android devices come with Google’s recovery environment, which is often referred to as the “stock recovery”. The recovery menu provides options to help recover your device – for recovery mode. But stock recovery is a minimal, limited system. it’s designed to be ignored, and it can generally only flash OTA updates and ROMs provided by the device manufacturer, not third-party ROMs. So we use custom recoveries like TWRP and CWM.

What is a custom recovery?

A custom recovery is a third-party recovery environment. Flashing this recovery environment onto your device replaces the default, stock recovery environment with a third-party customized recovery environment. Third-party recovery project allows you to make a backup, install ROMs root your phone and do a lot more things on your phone. So, if you want to know deep knowledge about android and do a lot of things on your Android device then always use a custom recovery on your phone. By custom recoveries, you have the ability to create and restore device backup on android devices. There are two popular custom recoveries for android is CWM (Clockworkmod recovery) and TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project).

Clockworkmod Recovery (CWM): – This recovery can create and restore NANDroid backups – backups of an Android device entire file System. It also has other advanced features that will be useful if you install and dealing with custom ROMs.

what is CWM recovery

Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP): – It is a touch-based recovery environment. All other recoveries are controlled by the device’s volume and power button. TWRP recovery is controlled by tapping your fingers on buttons that are shown on your device screen. TWRP even supports themes. It also used to make backups and flash ROMs on your Android devices.

how to flash twrp in android devices

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So, let’s start here on how to flash the custom recovery on your Android device. Here in this article, we flash TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project) in android devices.

1. First of all, we make sure there is a version of TWRP available for your phone and do a little research on the official TWRP website and XDA Developers to make sure there aren’t any sleight.

2. After that, you will need Android Debug Bridge (ADB) installed on your computer to perform this process, also check your phone’s USB Drivers are also installed on your computer. After that backup your phone’s data that you want to keep. This process doesn’t wipe your data from your phone but always make a backup of your phone is a good idea.

3. After that, you must enable USB Debugging on your phone. Here I will tell you about how to enable USB debugging on your phone step by step.

  • First of all open setting of your phone then scroll down the screen and select the last option of your phone which is named “About phone“.
  • After that now inside the About device screen, Scroll down and search for the “Build number” option in it.
  • After finding “Build number” on your screen then tap the “Build number” for at least 7 times on your screen.
  • Now you should saw a message on your screen “You are now a developer“. Now go back to the main setting screen and scroll down.
  • Now you saw a “Developer options” will be also displayed right above the “About device” option.
  • Simply enter in Developer option by clicking on it and then scroll down to find the “USB Debugging” option in it. After finding this option on your screen now you can tap on it to enable it on your android device.

4. After that download, the TWRP image for your android device and then placed this image in C drive directly (not in a folder in C drive) on your computer then proceed ahead by below-given steps.

Note:The recovery image should contain .img extension. If your recovery image in a zip file simply extract .img file from it then proceed

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5. Now you will need to boot your phone into your phone’s bootloader. It is a little bit different for every phone. if you don’t know your boot key then simply search on google with your model number. Because all phones have different boot key.

6. After boot, your phone in bootloader now connect your phone from your PC via a USB cable and wait till you see ‘fastboot USB‘ on your screen. If your device recognized by fastboot it’s time to flash TWRP on your android phone.

7. Now launch your command prompt in your computer and then run given below command in it to flash recovery on your phone.

fastboot flash recovery c:\recovery.img

Note that in the above command here c:\ is the drive in which you should place your .img file at this place you should give that path where your .img file will be placed on your computer. Here recovery.img will be the name of our recovery image if your recovery image has a different name give that name instead of recovery in above-given command.

8. After that wait for the process to finish and reboot your phone once it’s done. Now go again in your bootloader now your android recovery will be replaced with TWRP custom recovery.

flash twrp recovery in android

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Now by this custom recovery, you should be able to back up your phone’s data and flash a custom ROM on your Android device easily. If you have any problem regarding this topic simply comment below.

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