How to hack Google?

Search the world’s information, including webpages, images, videos, and more. We don’t even know all about what that ‘more’ includes. But we are gonna learn about some of the handiest hacks to use the Google search bar in a better way.

  1. Search for keywords in blog post titles

Example : inblogtitle:deals

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  1. Search for content by a specific author

Example : allinpostauthor: rahul meena

  1. Search for phrases in blog post titles

Example : allinblogtitle: how to

  1. Search for words near each other

Example : media AROUND(5) social

  1. Search for phrases near each other

Example : facebook twitter AROUND(5) social media

  1. Search for keywords in page titles

Example : intitle: CCNA

  1. Search for phrases in page titles

Example : allintitle: what is musicbrainz

  1. Search for keywords in page text

Example : intext: CCNP

  1. Search for phrases in page text

Example : allintext: CCNA

  1. Search for exact matches

Example : “social media posts” tricks

  1. Search for keywords in anchor texts

Example : inanchor: ubuntu

  1. Search for phrases in anchor texts

Example : allinanchor: linux terminal

  1. Search for keywords in URLs

Example : inurl: wp-content

  1. Search for phrases in URLs

Example : allinurl: what is musicbrainz picard

  1. Search for alternate top-level domains

Example : site:ebay.*

  1. Search for a specific types of domains

Example : site: .org

  1. Search multiple specific types

Example : site: .org OR site: .gov

  1. Search hashtags

Example : #metoo

  1. Search using a range of numbers

Example : samsung smartphones $300..$450

  1. Search a specific site

Example : what is musicbrainz

  1. Search related sites

Example : related:

  1. Search maps

Example : map: jaipur

  1. Get more info about a website

Example :

  1. Get a definition

Example : define: etymology

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  1. Get the weather

Example : weather:delhi

  1. Exclude words

Example : google tricks -gmail

  1. Exclude multiple words

Example : social media hacks -facebook -tumblr

  1. Exclude exact match phrases

Example : facebook marketing tips -“facebook contests”

  1. Exclude multiple phrases

Example : social media tips -“buffer” -“ifttt”

  1. Exclude subdomains

Example : -inurl:how

  1. Include words

Example : linux commands +terminal

  1. Include phrases

Example : linux tips +”terminal commands”

  1. Use an AND command like SQL

Example : shopping AND flipkart

  1. Use a customized and command

Example : “Linux tips” AND “CCNA tricks”

  1. Use an OR command

Example : operating system Windows OR CentOS

  1. Use a customized OR command

Example : “Schedule social media” OR “Messenger”

Note :- You can also use | instead of OR.

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  1. Identify pages that aren’t secure

Example : -inurl:https

  1. Identify unnecessary text files

Example : filetype:txt -inurl:robots.txt

  1. Track stocks

Example : stocks:NOKIA

  1. Restrict results to a particular news source

Example : Surface Phone source:windowscentral

  1. Use google as a calculator  
  2. Search by file-type

Example : Agatha Christie filetype:pdf

  1. Use an asterisk within quotes to specify unknown or variable words

Example : George * Washington

  1. Search news archives  
  2. Compare foods by “vs”
  3. Make a good use of the search “tools” which is placed right below the search bar.
  4. Similar and Cached can be found just below each search result. Just click the dropdown arrow for a link shown and select similar or cached.

Search movies, reviews, celebrity, flights, scores for your favorite teams, track consignments and pretty much more.

You can also adjust your search settings and to perform some advance search visit the link below.

And if you want to have some fun with Google then go to

Please share your tips in the comments below to help others use Google search in a better way.

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