How to identify a song that is playing near you?

Heard a song nearby which is familiar but you don’t know anything about it? Now to solve how to identify a song that is playing nearby problem here are the different apps available on the internet and some are inbuilt apps that will help you to identify any song which is playing near you. These applications use different methods to identify a song like some apps identify the song by listening to their tunes while some apps identify the song by using some of the lyrics and words of that song. So, now here we learn about those apps without wasting our time.

This article is all about how to identify a song that is playing near you. After a long time, I am back with a new post in this article we learn about some applications which are very useful in identifying songs which are playing near you at any place. Sometimes we listen to a new song from somewhere and somebody at that time we really like that song and want to download that song on our laptop or mobile to listen to it again. But after sometimes when we reached home we forgot the lyrics of that song.

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♦ Inbuilt apps or services for identifying the song which is playing near you for Android, iOS, and Windows devices.

1. Cortana (for Windows users)

Cortana is an inbuilt personal assistant for Windows users and extending its territory with Harman Kardon’s Invoke and Cortana Preview for Android. New to the game of digital assistant is pretty much capable of matching the likes of Siri and Google Now. You can ask Cortana for identifying a song that is playing near you(feature available only in selected countries). To identify a song using Cortana simply say “what song is this” or “Name that song” etc. After that Cortana returns the most suitable result. Although it is not very good at identifying Regional songs.

identify a music using cortana

2. Siri (for iOS users)

Siri is also an inbuilt personal assistant for iOS users like Cortana. iOS users are familiar with Siri very well because it is a quite popular inbuilt application for iOS devices. We know all the common things about Siri-like This is also capable of integrating with many third-party applications. But I think you do not know about that you can use Siri for identifying a song which is playing near you. For identifying a song you can simply ask questions from Siri-like “Name that Song” and “What song is this”. Then Siri takes a few minutes to listen to that song and provide the best solution for you.

identify a song with siri

3. Google now (for Android users)

Google now is a very famous inbuilt personal assistant for Android users like Cortana and Siri. Google now is used for many purposes like setting an alarm or voice search anything on your Android device etc. But apart these things you can also use Google now for identifying a song which is playing near you. It works the same as Siri and Cortana. For identifying a song using this you can simply ask Google now some questions like “Name this song” or “what song is this” etc on your Android device. It takes some time and provides the name of that song.

identify a song with the use of google-now

Apart from these inbuilt features or apps, we can also use third-party apps for this purpose which works on all the operating systems no matter you are an Android user, iOS user, and Windows user. So take a look at these third-party apps.

♦ Third-party apps for identifying the song which is playing near you for Android, iOS, and Windows devices.

4. Musixmatch

Musixmatch was the best startup in Europe started in 2010 FbStart. Once powered by Gracenote (A Nielsen Company), it is now powered by ACRCloud. ACRCloud is an automatic content(ads, songs) recognition platform based on acoustic fingerprinting technology.

With the largest catalog of lyrics in the world, Musixmatch is trying to be the IMDb of Lyrics. To identify a song using this app first of all tap the hamburger icon in the app and then tap on the identify lyrics option. Lyrics translation to different languages and saving them offline are the key features. All the major streaming services like Groove, Spotify, Pandora, Youtube are supported. There are floating lyrics for third-party music apps.

It is truly cross-platform. Apart from identifying music this application also allows you to play your own songs that mean it is also a music player.

identify a song with musixmatch

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5. Shazam

Shazam is also a free application for all the operating systems. No matter which operating system you are using. By using Shazam you can easily identify a song that is playing near you. For identifying a song simply launch Shazam application on your device then tap on the Shazam button to record lyrics of that song it takes a while. It will create some fingerprints of the music and then after a few minutes, it will provide you some information about that song like the name of the song, video, lyrics, artist biography, etc.

identify a song using shazam

6. Lyrster

Lyrster lets you find a song using its lyrics. Can’t remember the name of some song or artist, but know few lines from its lyrics? Try searching for it on, a search engine that searches through millions of lyrics lines on more than 450+ sites. Just type in the words you remember and click on the “Find my song” button. The Lyrster will then search these lyrics sites and get the relevant songs.

This isn’t actually live recognition of a song but the way Lyrster works is really interesting.

identify a music using lyrster

7. Soundhound (previously Midomi)

Developed by a Ph.D. student of ‘Voice Recognition’ at Stanford in 2005, Soundhound Inc. is an America based audio recognition and cognition company. With over 300 million users and 12 years of experience, it is a giant in this field.

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The products of the company are Soundhound, Hound and Houndify. This service is available even in the Blackberry world which implies that it is completely cross-platform. Music recognition with LiveLyrics for music playing around you. SoundHound can even identify songs you sing or hum. Now here it beats even Shazam which sometimes struggles with concert songs.

8. ACRCloud (Formerly Syntec TV)

It is an automatic content recognition platform based on acoustic fingerprinting technology. With not only audio it intends to identify the second screens or monitors to help broadcasters, developers, and content makers.

Apart from these Music ID used in Sony devices is a good application for identifying a song which is playing near you.


These are the best applications for all operating systems. By which you can easily identify a song that is playing near you. I hope these applications are quite helpful for you in some kind of situation. If you found this article helpful for you then follow my blog for further updates and also provide feedback to us. Because feedback is valuable for us.

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