How to Know the Password of Connected Wi-Fi Network in Windows

In today’s modern world all of us become social addicts by using the internet in an excess amount. So we all want to stay connected to our friends through social media platforms using the internet connection in our smartphones. To do so we generally use either our Mobile data or Wi-Fi network to stay connected with our friends on the Social Media platform. In today’s world, We all are want to stay in touch with our friends at each and every moment so we can enjoy each and every moment of our life.

Many of the times when you ran out of your mobile internet quota than your internet connection speed seem very slow. Because we already use our internet data which is allotted to us on a daily basis. In that situation, we try to find someone’s Wi-Fi to stay updated with your friends. In that case, if you want to know the passwords of your connected Wi-Fi network then this article helps a lot in finding your password of connected Wi-fi network.

Nowadays connecting our devices to Wi-Fi networks to use the internet is a very trendy and common thing to us almost everybody uses it. What if I ask you how you will find out the password of the network to which you are connected? This question might be a thing of confusion for many computer users, but not now. Because in this article we learn about how to know the Password of connected Wi-Fi networks.

There are generally two easiest ways are present which helps a lot to find out the password of the network to which you are connected. So let’s start here with the First method in detail.

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Method 1: – How to Know Wi-Fi Password Using Command Prompt

To find out the password of the network to which you are connected, follow the given steps:

 1. First of all, open command prompt as an administrator in your PC. To do so type cmd in the search menu and right-click on command prompt option and then click on Run as administrator option.


2. Now in the command prompt write down the following code and then press Enter Key.

netsh wlan show profile thev key = clear

Here thev is the name of our Wi-Fi network so instead of thev type network name to which your PC is connected at that instant.

3. After that scroll down the screen and go to the security settings tab. Here in front of the key content “thevtech” is the password of connected Wi-Fi named “thev”.


These are the steps by which you can easily find out anyone’s Wi-Fi password by using the command prompt on your system.

Method 2: – How to Find Wi-Fi password Using Network and Sharing Centre Option in Windows

1. First of all, right click on the network icon on the Taskbar menu.


2. After that you will see Open Network and Sharing Centre option, so simply click on it to Open Network and Sharing Centre tab on your PC.


3. Now click on the Wi-Fi network name to open the Wi-Fi status of the connected Wi-Fi network on your system. The figure is shown below


4. Now in the Wi-Fi status box click on wireless properties option and wait for some time. Now you can see that it will be opened in the new tab on your system.


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5. Now click on the security option in the Wireless Network Properties box.


6. In the last, check Show characters option to see the network security key and now the password is visible on your system screen in the text format.



These are the Simple and easiest methods that are most commonly used by us to know the password of the connected Wi-Fi network. If you have any queries regarding this then simply solved out through the comment section and also provide feedback to us. Because your feedback is valuable to us. If you found this article helpful for you then share it with your friends and follow our blog for further updates and stay updated.

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