Benefits of learn Networking and making career in the field of Networking

Networking is the process in which we learn about Network Management Such as CCNA, CCNP, CCIE, and so on. Networking refers to the total process of creating and using computer networks, with respect to hardware, protocols, and software, including wired and wireless technology. In other words, we can say that A network connects computers, mobile phones, peripherals, and also IoT devices.

The need for enhanced telecommunications has led to the advancement of multiple networking hardware technologies, like Switches, Hubs, and Routers. In simple words, we can say that Switches, Routers, Hubs, and Wireless access points are the basic networking essentials. Through them, all of the Technical devices are connected to your network and able to communicate with one another and also with other networks, like the internet.


Before doing any certification in the field of networking you should have answers to following questions.

Why should I learn networking?

Is making a career in the field of networking is safe?

What are the different certification available in the field of networking? AND what is the potential of different certificate holders?

What are the job titles for CCAN holders?

What are the tasks a CCNA have to perform?

What would be the salary of a CCNA holder?

What to do after CCNA?


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Why should I learn networking?

1.Work in a variety of industries.

If you learn networking you, you don’t have to stick in an industry you don’t like. You can apply for any company or institution which has an IT department.

  • Education services (state, local, and private)
  • Finance and insurance
  • Administrative and support services
  • Information
  • Computer network design and related areas
  • Entertainment
  • Medical

2. Take your job as fun, not as a burden.

In the field of networking if you have done your certification seriously and have given practice to practical knowledge then our job will be fun for you. Because as being an IT guy it will be interesting for you to face new challenges. You will have new problems coming to you and you have to find them and troubleshoot them. You will also have to secure your networks from breaches. And there will be a war going on problems and you, so in this field, you are definitely going to enjoy it.

3. Making a difference.

Being a computer network and security associate you will have a positive influence in different industries. You have the ability to protect other’s private data. You could help others accessing the internet which is one of the most important things nowadays to expand your business. And by choosing the networking field you can represent yourself differently from the league.

4. You will be in demand, and demand keeps growing.

The IT sector is developing day by day and in this expansion, there is a huge demand for network engineers, network security specialists. So, you will never be outdated in this field you will always be in demand.

5. Expected job growth

Computer network administrators have an expected job growth rate of 8% which is equivalent to other occupations. And as the demand in this field keeps growing your pay scale will also increase.

Is making a career in the field of networking is safe?

Yes, making carrier in the field of networking is definitely safe. There are a few things you have to keep in mind for having good growth in this field:-

  1. You should have Practical knowledge of that course. so that you can perform well in your job.
  2. you should learn networking conceptually.
  3. Always practice and apply for higher certification in the field of networking. As the level of certificates increases your position and salary will definitely increase.
  4. For practice in the practical lab, you can use software like Cisco Packet Tracer or GNS3

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What are the different certification available in the field of networking? AND what are the tasks of different certificate holders?

If you are thinking of making your career in IT field then networking is the most demanded field nowadays. Cisco provides online training for the people in the field of Networking in IT sector. Cisco provides five different levels of certifications in networking.

  • Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician (CCENT)
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
  • Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP)
  • Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE)
  • Cisco Certified Architect (CCAr)
different levels of cisco certification

=> CCENT: – It is also the entry-level certification program by Cisco. A CCENT certified person has the skills to repair, diagnose, install, operate the network of a small branch of a company with having basic knowledge about network security. It is the first step to CCNA.

=> CCNA: – Here comes the most demanding certification program offered by Cisco. The CCNA qualified person has the skill to operate, install, and troubleshoot a small to medium size enterprise branch network.

=> CCNP: – It is a professional level certification program by Cisco. A CCNP certified person has an advanced level of expertise in networking skills. It is the third step in Cisco certification. A CCNP certified people have the ability to design, implement, configure and troubleshoot a complex enterprise network. It is a step beyond CCNA.

=> CCIE: – It is the expert level of certification by Cisco. Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert is the most prestigious certification in the field of networking accepted worldwide. They are deployed in the most technically challenging network configurations.

=> CCAr: – Cisco Certified Architect is the highest level of certification achievable in Cisco career certification program. CCAr recognizes those who can effectively translate complex business strategies into infrastructure requirements. It is like the Ph.D. of network architecture. They are only a handful of people who have reached this point.

What are the job titles for CCAN holders?

As for now, networking is highly demanding and paid field in IT sector. There are different types of positions in jobs in the networking field. Base on your experience and certification your position will increase in the company.

  •  Junior Network administrator
  •  Technical support Engineer(IT)
  •  Network Engineer
  •  Sr. Network Engineer
  •  Information Technology (IT)
  • Network Administrator (IT)
  •  Sr. Systems Engineer (Computer Networking/IT)

What are the tasks a CCNA have to perform?

Being a CCNA you should have knowledge about the following topics so that you don’t have a problem in your job. If you will have knowledge about these topics then you will definitely succeed in your job and have a good chance of securing a good position in the company.

  • connecting to a WAN
  •  implementing network security
  •  network types
  •  routing and switching fundamentals/configurations
  •  the TCP/IP and OSI models
  •  IP addressing
  •  WAN technologies
  • extending switched networks with VLANs
  •  determining IP routes( Static Routing, Default Routing, Null routing, RIPv1 and RIPv2, EIGRP and OSPF routing.)
  •  managing IP traffic with access lists
  •  establishing point-to-point connections
  • Monitoring network connectivity
  • Protecting from basic security threats

What would be the salary of a CCNA holder?

Now here comes the most awaited and mostly asked question about the salary of CCNA holder. Well, it depends on many factors, like Your level of certification, the country you are working in, on the company, your experience and your position in a job.

Income chart for different networking certifications
DesignationMedian Salary Range
Network EngineerINR 1,12,200 – INR 8,10,520
Senior Network EngineerINR 2,72,226 – INR 18,21,782
Network Administrator (IT)INR 1,99,665 – INR 11,12,854
Network Security EngineerINR 2,32,699 – INR 21,63,882
Security Consultant (Information Technology/ Networking/ Computing)INR 2,93,614 – INR 15,35,989
Network ArchitectureINR 16,00,000 (approximate)
Network SpecialistINR 7,00,000 (approximate)

As your Experience increase in this field, your pay scale will definitely increase.

What to do after CCNA?

If you want to have more knowledge, even better pay scale, and the best position in the networking field then you should o for further certifications. But Keep in Mind that for further certification you need lots and lots of time. And during this period you will even forget when to eat food and how to get dressed. You will definitely get no time for yourself. But IF YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE SOMETHING BIG IN YOUR LIFE YOU WILL HAVE TO GIVE UP SOMETHING IMPORTANT.


These are the basic facts about Networking. I think this article is helpful for you if you have any doubts related to Networking then Simply solved through the comment section and also provide feedback to us. Because your feedback is valuable to us. Also, follow our blog for further updates.

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