Problem Fixed: VLC Menu Bar and Control Bar Disappeared

Windows operating system has an inbuilt media player in it. But it is not good enough to do all the required things with audio as well as a video file. So we generally use third-party software to tweak our audio and video files such as VLC media player, KMPlayer, PotPlayer, Media Player Classic, ACG Player, GOM Player, Kodi for Windows, etc. All of these third-party software has unique features in it.

But VLC Media Player is the most loveable and attractive third-party software due to its simple user interface. VLC Media Player is the most widely used freeware software and it is available for all the types of Operating systems like Windows, Linux, Mac, and so on. In VLC Media player you can do many of the things like changing the audio format of a video file, changing the skin of VLC Media Player, convert media files into a verity of formats, Video streaming, Recording video, etc.

All of the tips and tricks in the VLC Media Player are done by Menu bar and Control Bar only. VLC Media Player is able to run any type of video format in it, so we can say that VLC Media Player is the Multi-Format Media Player. By using VLC Media Player you can play all the audio and video from just any source without the need for additional codecs. It can also be able to install third-party plugins that add some additional features to it.

But sometimes it also shows some errors and problems and does not work perfectly. After all, VLC is also a software so it is the most common thing that it shows error sometimes. Here we can learn about fixing errors in VLC Media player and the most common problem in VLC which is faced by most of the people’s is the Menu bar and Control bar is missing from VLC Media Player. So here we learn how to fix Control Bar and Menu Bar is went missing or disappeared.

Sometimes this problem occurs due to misconfiguration like Users disturb the Settings of VLC Media Player. That results in VLC Media Player Cant open and does not work properly. All the solutions related to the Menu and Control bar are given in this article. So let’s start tweaking VLC Media Player using given steps.

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VLC menu bar disappeared

If Control Bar and Menu Bar are disappeared and went missing from your VLC Media Player then your VLC Media Player looks like the above-given figure. In that case to Fix this issue use given steps on your system.

1. Firstly, open VLC media player on your PC and right-click on its blank screen anywhere. After right-clicking on it, you will see many options. So, here click on Tools option.

2. After going to Tools option, click on the Preferences option there.

vlc tools setting

3. Now you will see a new pop-up window on your screen named as Simple Preferences. In this window, you will see an option which named as Start Minimal View Mode. Now, to get back menu bar in VLC uncheck or unmark it and then click on Save.

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simple preferences in VLC to get back VLC menu bar

4. At the last, close VLC media player on your PC and then start it again to see the effect of change settings. Now you will see that menu bar and control bar is back on the VLC media player.

VLC menu bar

                                                                  THAT’S IT 

This is the simplest method by which you can easily get back your menu bar and control bar with ease. Now you can control any audio or video in VLC media player after getting back the menu bar and control bar in VLC. If you have any queries or suggestions regarding this then post it in the comment section, and also provide feedback to us because your feedback is valuable to us. Also, follow our blog for further updates and stay updated.

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4 Responses

  1. Andy Ralphs says:

    None of the tools except eq appear on my versions – W10 and Chromebook – I’m desperate for a compressor, but cannot find it anywhere – is there something I’m missing – I’ve searched all over the web.

  2. Sandy says:

    I did whatever you advised on this page. Yet the problem is there. it neither show view button or record button. speed and sound controls are there. I want to send a screen shot of it but here there is no provision for attachments.

    • Rahul says:

      To add the record option in the control bar you have to add it manually by following the path: – Tools>Customize Interface. then in the main toolbar, go to toolbar elements choose record option and drag it to line 2 and close the toolbar editor to save changes. hope it helps!

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