How to secure your Wi-Fi network from hackers?

In the modern world, everyone goes into a wireless environment. Security asides there are many reasons to secure your Wi-Fi network. A secured Wi-Fi network address reduces your bill and gives you faster internet speed. But the question of security has often been raised. In this modern world, wireless technology spreads very quickly all over the earth. But security is less than enough for wireless technology and sometimes security is available in this technology but people don’t know about this.

How to secure your Wi-Fi from being hacked by hackers in this modern era of technology. Hackers took advantage of this thing by hacking your unsecured Wi-Fi connection and increase your Wi-Fi bill. In this article, we learn about some techniques to protect your Wi-Fi network from hackers.

how to encrypt a  wi fi router

First of all, log in to the Wi-Fi router by using your username and password if you are configuring a new router in that case they are written on your wi-fi router. After that follow given steps to secure your Wi-Fi network from hackers.

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1. Encrypt your Wi-Fi network: –

After logging in to your Wi-Fi router first thing is to do is encrypt your Wi-Fi network. Encryption basically encrypts/encode the data that is transmitted and received by you while using a wireless network. That helps you if a hacker interrupts your data transmission he will not be able to take benefit from the information contained in it.

There are three types of encryption available on a Wi-Fi network: – WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy), WPA (Wireless Protected Access), and WPA2 security. WEP is the older standard security and it is now can be bypassed in a matter of few minutes. WPA is newer in comparison to WEP, but it also has security holes in it. so that is not a secure encryption method because the chances of hacking are present in both encryptions. Now last option is WPA2 it is the latest standard of security on your Wi-Fi network. If you want the highest level security then use WPA2 encryption on your Wi-Fi router with strong password protection.

how to secure your wifi routers

2. Replace your routers default password with a strong password: – 

The biggest common factor of hacking the Wi-Fi network is users not changing their default passwords on their routers which is given by the manufacturer to the customer. Because the manufacturer provides the same password and username for all the users and hackers took advantage of that database and easily hack your wi-fi network. So always use a strong password for your wi-fi network.

3. Change default SSID of your Wi-Fi router: –

Your network’s SSID is the name of your network. Basically, the default SSID is the name of the manufacturer along with the model number of your router. Sometimes it helps the hackers to hack your network so always change your default SSID name something generic which makes it tough for an unknown user to identify which network it belongs to your router and always give a scary and dangerous name to your Wi-Fi router sometimes it helps a lot.

4. Check connected devices list after a certain interval: – 

Always check your connected devices on your router in such a certain time interval. It helps you a lot if you saw an unknown device is connected to your Wi-Fi network that means your router will be hacked. At that instant change your password and your username also two prevent your data from that unknown device.

5. Disable remote access and turn off guest networking: – 

While most routers will have guest networking disabled by default, but sometimes it is enabled by mistake from us. So check it and disable remote access and management of your wi-fi router security setting, Because it allows others to access your network and setting of your router and make changes in it by remote access.

prevent wifi routers from being hacked

6. Reduce wi-fi signal range: –  

If you reduce your wi-fi network range from the default it helps a lot. It will prevent from hackers they are located at a distance from detecting your network. If your wi-fi range does not reach the hacker’s place common sense tells that if they don’t know about your network then they can not try to break your wireless network.

The OSI (Open System Interconnection) model: an overview. Click here to read that in this article the most important topic of networking is explained such as what is the OSI model and how it works?

7. Enable MAC address based filtering on your router: – 

If you want to add an additional extra layer of security to your wi-fi network then you could consider enabling MAC address filtering on your router. It allows only devices having a particular MAC address to access your network. For configuring MAC address filtering based security you need to enter the MAC address of each and every device which you wish to allow to connect to your network it will be configured on your router’s settings page. It prevents unknown devices from connecting to your network even if they know your password also.

If you follow these steps the Your wi-fi network will be having a lot of protection and it surely does not hack by hackers.


These all the above steps help you a lot in securing your wi-fi router at home from hackers. Comment your thoughts.

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