How to Shrink a Partition in Windows operating system

Sometimes in Windows, we want some additional space for storing media and many other things but we face the problem like shortage of space on our logical partition. Due to allocating more than enough storage to our main or primary partition at the time of Windows installation. Now to get rid out of this problem we want to shrink that partition so we can use free space for storing other things.

Such as you want an additional partition on your system but do not have an additional disk at that time to create an additional partition. Then you can shrink the existing partitions from your system and after that use that unallocated space for making an additional partition on your system. When you shrink a partition, any ordinary files are automatically relocated on the disk to create the new unallocated space. There is no need to reformat the disk to shrink an existing partition.

Do you want a new partition on your computer? Well, you can use any third-party software available online but in case you don’t believe in the third-party software you can create a new partition using windows features.

While creating new drive keep in mind there is two type of partitions:

  1. Primary partition: It is the partition in which the operating system is kept and set active because BIOS reads the primary partition to boot OS.
  2. Extended partition: This is further divided into logical drives. the logical drive is the drive which can be divided into many small drives.

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According to MBR, a hard disk can be divided into all the 4 drives as primary partitions or 3 primary partitions and 1 logical drive. generally, in a partition, there are three primary partitions and 1 logical drive. Further, the logical drive can be divided into many disks.

MBR(master boot record) is the information in the form of the table which has data about the no. of logical and primary partitions and the drive from which OS is to be booted.

If there are only 2 primary partitions you can create one more primary partitions.

As an example, I’m creating a new primary partition as I have only two primary partitions.

1. First of all, open the Disk Management to check the status of the disk. To open the Disk Management Follow given path:

Control Panel < System and Security < Administrative Tools < Computer Management < Disk Management

2. Now right click on the primary drive leaving the drive C:( in which your OS is kept) and select the shrink volume option from it.

shrink volume option in disk management

3. Now a window will appear in which insert the size to be shrink to create new volume Type the size in MB. As I have typed 1024 to create the disk of 10GB. And then select shrink.

shrink a volume using disk management

After that, a new unallocated space will be shown which is used to create a new volume.

When shrink volume the primary partition will be shown as unallocated space and the logical drive as free space. And the unallocated space can’t be used to create new logical drive or vice versa with free space to create a new primary drive.

Now to create new drive follow these steps:-

  1. right-click on the unallocated space and free space for the logical drive and select the new simple volume.
  2. a new window will appear in which click next then in next window type the size and then click Next.
  3. Then assign the drive letter and then in the next window type the way to format the disk and then click Finish in the next window.

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After that, a new volume will be created. To create in volume from logical volume follow the same steps as the primary volume.


This is the simplest method by which you can easily shrink an existing partition. I think this article is helpful for you if you have any doubts related to Networking then Simply solved through the comment section and also provide feedback to us. Because your feedback is valuable to us. If you found this article helpful for you then share it with your friends and Also, follow our blog for further updates.

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