The most innovative Android launcher: Linux CLI Launcher (previously T-UI launcher)

For endless customization, we have Nova Launcher. In order and productivity, we have Microsoft launcher (previously Arrow). To have a Google Pixel like experience, we have Flick Launcher, Lawnchair Launcher, and Action Launcher (Paid). And here comes Linux CLI Launcher (previously T-UI Launcher) for die-hard Linux lovers.

We have seen some epic launchers like –

  • Of launcher – Stands for One Finger Launcher, get everything done single-handedly
  • Swipepad – Just swipe from any customizable hotspot on the edge of the screen to make calls, launch apps, message, and much more.
  • Lens launcher – All of the apps on your home screen and then you have a Fisheye Lens to launch each app
  • Fastkey launcher – Made for phones with more than 100 apps, comes with a keypad on the home screen
  • Evie launcher – Swipe up to have all apps and an Omni search bar for everything
  • Ap Launcher – All the apps simply in text format on your home screen with the most frequently used app being bigger in font size.

If you are still trying to have some good launcher after hundreds of launchers, themes, wallpapers, widgets, and icon packs then we have T-UI launcher to stay simple and productive with a Linux CLI touch.

Want a clear home screen on your Android smartphone then try Niagara launcher. It is personalization with simplicity which does not compromise on productivity. Click Here

A simple black calming background with the capabilities of doing almost everything from sending an SMS to running native Linux commands with just an Enter key. And suggestions while using it are really very great. These all things are done without being battery and space-hungry. Hats off!

Born in Italy, this launcher wraps everything within just 1.1 mb.

  • T-UI commands (like uninstall, open, SMS, call, calc, search -gg, -yt ..)
  • Native Android/Linux commands
  • aliases, use your favorite commands faster
  • suggestions, to help you compose your commands
  • tuixt, in-app text editor
  • We have themes for this launcher.
  • CLI music player (music -play,-next)
  • Full Linux-like CLI interface with TUI adding -twitter, telegram, etc.
  • Execute commands from notification
  • RSS reader
  • in-app notes, for your to-do list
  • online theme repository, share your own setup with the community
  • extremely highly customizable launcher
  • reply your notifications directly from your launcher

NOTE – Need help anywhere? Just type “help” or “tutorial”

Some T-UI commands:
uninstall [app]
sms [contact]
call [contact]
calc [expression]
search [google, play store, youtube, files]
wifi – toggle wifi radio
flash – toggle flashlight
share [file]
mv / cp [file] [dest]
+ so much to explore

NOTE – There might be several permission requests to approve.

music -select [song-name], -play, -next, -stop

Here I noticed a minor problem. After music -stop when we try something from the notification then the command is written but not executed.

Netstat command – $netstat

netstat command in linux cli launcher

Everything is working really well but the RAM Available shown above isn’t accurate. Other things are correct.

In case you are stuck somewhere then $help works pretty well.

help command in linux cli launcher

Calling and sending SMS is very easy. Right away from the launcher.

call and sms command in linux cli
$call and $sms

App Management- $apps

apps command in linux cli launcher

Examples of some other useful commands example such as $calculator, $bluetooth, $share, $search, $notifications are given below.

Shellcommands example- $shellcommands

shellcommands in linux cli launcher

One of the best features of T-UI Launcher is “aliases” which means you can save your frequently used commands by aliases.

Some basic commands for Linux beginners.Read more.

Search anything on Google Play Store, your files, Youtube

$calc is used to evaluate simple expressions

$uninstall to uninstall any app from your system

Hints are one more impressive feature of this Launcher.

Which launcher do you prefer and why? Please let us know in the comment section.

Ap Launcher was a very successful one but this is a level higher than that. We were using it since it has 1000 downloads and we have seen some great improvements. Hats Off devs!

To download this launcher from the Play Store Click here


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