How to transfer files and folders using TeamViewer between two computers?

This article is all about how to transfer files and folders using TeamViewer software between two computers. This is the easiest way to transfer data between two devices. In this tutorial, we will learn about TeamViewer software like how TeamViewer works, why we use TeamViewer and uses of TeamViewer software in different kinds of works such as video chatting, remote access of another computer, file transferring, etc. Generally, we use TeamViewer for remote access to other computers but it also provides many features for us. But the best part of this software is that it is free of cost and it is available for all the platforms no matter what you use like Windows, Linux, Macintosh, and Android also.

By using this software you can also be able to transfer files from your friend’s computer to yours no matter where he lives in another city or town. There are lots of tools available out there, but many of those Softwares required some extra service or tools and some are too complicated to understand and some may also require a monthly subscription. So we use TeamViewer for this purpose because it is free of cost software for all the platforms. So let’s start here how to transfer files from one computer to another using TeamViewer software.

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Note: – Always remember that TeamViewer should be active in both the computer’s (receiver and sender) for the entire duration of file time.

1. First of all, download TeamViewer software on your system no matter which platform you use such as Windows, Linux, Macintosh then installs it on your system. This software is totally free of cost and easily available on the internet for all the operating systems.

installation settings for teamviewer

2. After installing TeamViewer software on your system you need to launch or open the TeamViewer software on your computer to proceed.

3. After that, you need to create an account or sign up for TeamViewer Software. In TeamViewer creating an account is totally free(for personal usages). Now after that sign in into the TeamViewer software to proceed.

4. After that, you have to connect your system with the other Computer (remote PC) which you want to control remotely. For which you should have other computers ID and passwords.

file transfer settings in teamviewer

5. Now you will enter remote computer’s ID in the partner ID box. After that, you will choose one option from the below-given options.

6. There is two option below the partner ID box Remote control and file transfer.

  1. File Transfer option will use to transfer files from One Computer to Another Computer.
  2. The Remote control option will be used to take control of another computer in your hand.

7. Here you have to choose the file transfer option to transfer a file from one computer to another computer.

8. Now after that, you have to click on the connect to partner option from your screen to proceed.

9. After clicking on Connect to partner button, it will ask you for the remote computer’s TeamViewer password, so now enter the password and then click on the Log On option to proceed.

how to transfer files and folders using teamviewer

10. Now you are connected to the remote computer. It will automatically be redirected you to the file explorer for transfer file from one system to another system. Here you saw that the window will show the local computer’s directory as well as the remote computer’s directory on your system’s screen.

11. After that, you have to select all those files which you want to transfer to the remote computer from your system.

12. After that, you will need to select the destination folder on the remote computer’s directory from your screen. You can also select the existing folder or you can create a new folder as the destination directory.

13. After selecting the files and folders which you want to share from your computer to other remote computers. Now easily click on the send option to begin file transfer from your computer.

14. After clicking on the send button you saw that a pop-up screen will be opened on your system’s screen in which you can see that data transfer is in process. It will take a few minutes to transfer data from your system to another system.


This was the whole process of transferring data from one PC to another via TeamViewer. This is the best and simple method to transfer data from one system to another system. You don’t put extra effort to perform this task you can do it by only TeamViewer setup on your system. Comment your thoughts.

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