Wondering how the web works?

This article is all about how the web works in real life. In this tutorial, we will learn about how the web works when you want to find something on the web. This tutorial is mainly written for students who are interested in website designing and development. In this article, we talk about basic facts about the web and also learn how the web works. First of all, we learn about what is the internet because the internet is the basic factor to understand the working of the web. So read it once to upgrade your knowledge about web browsers and the internet.

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What is the internet?

The internet is essentially a global network of computing resources that is based on the TCP/IP communication protocols to link devices worldwide. On the Internet, all types of networks exist like private, public, academic, government, and business networks of local to the global scope.

Some internet based services which are used in daily life by us

WWW (World Wide Web): – The World Wide Web is a way of exchanging information between computers on the internet. World Wide Web is a hypertext interface to internet information resources.

FTP (File transfer protocol): – FTP allows a user to transfer every type of file that can be stored on a computer, from one Internet-connected computer to another. By using FTP we upload a file from our system to a server also.

Telnet: – Telnet is also an internet-based service. Telnet allows a user to login to a computer remotely as though it were a local system.

Email: – Email is a fast and easy way to communicate with other internet users around the world but by using the email we generally do formal communication.

Social Media:  Now in today’s world everybody uses social media to communicate with their friends and family members also. By using the email we generally do formal conversation but by using social media we do all types of conversation like formal and as well as informal.

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To understand the working of the web we generally use some components that are given below: –

A computer: – A computer is required to saw the working of the web through it and simply understand the working.

A web browser: – A web browser is also installed on your computer which helps you to browse the web from your system.

An internet connection: – An internet connection is also required to understand the working of the web. This is provided by an ISP (Internet Service Provider) and connects you from the internet to reach any website from your system.

A DNS server: – A DNS server is also required because DNS (Domain Name Server) server takes your request to the main web server on which that website is hosted which is searched by you on the internet.

A Web server: –  A web server is also required on which a website is hosted.

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These are the main component by which we can easily understand the working of the web. So let’s start here learning how the web works by using below-given steps.

1. First of all open a web browser in your system that is worked as a web client on our PC. Now do a google search in your web browser like I do a google search for technohelper24.com in my web browser.

2. Now your web browser passed this request from your computer to a DNS (Domain Name Server) server.

3. After that DNS server matches your request from the different IPs which are stored in it and find the real address of the Web server on which this website hosted. After finding the IP address of the hosting web server it returns this IP address to the web browser.

4. After that, your web browser requests the page from the web server using the IP address specified by the domain name server. This requests all other data sent between the client and the server is sent across your internet connection using TCP/IP protocols.

5. Now the Web server returns the page to the IP address specified by the browser requesting the page. The browser assembles the small chunks into a complete website and displays it to you. The page may also contain links to other files on the same server, such as images, which the browser will also request.


These are the steps of working on the web by which we can easily understand how the web works. If you have any queries regarding this tutorial simply solved out through the comment section.

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