Author: Satish Meena

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Changing windows password without knowing old password

Generally, Windows ask for the old password to set a new password for the user. But there are some hidden methods in windows to change the password even if you don’t have access to the old password. Yes, you can change the windows user password without having access to the...

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Password protect your Firefox Browser

Setting up a password for Mozilla Firefox is a wise move to protect your login credentials of different websites; if your system is being accessed by multiple persons. If you are using the Firefox browser you would be searching for any method to lock your Firefox browser for the sake...

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Hide and Show text in Notepad using Command Prompt.

Security is a major threat nowadays. There is a number of software available online to hide/protect your passwords. But you can also hide your important passwords in notepad using the command prompt. Yes, you can hide and show text in notepad using command prompt and no one can see your...