Changing windows password without knowing old password

Generally, Windows ask for the old password to set a new password for the user. But there are some hidden methods in windows to change the password even if you don’t have access to the old password. Yes, you can change the windows user password without having access to the old password. You just need an already logged-in system to change the password. You can change your siblings or friend’s system password for fun. But keep In mind that it is illegal. so take it as a trick for fun and don’t misuse it.

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Adding a password to your user account is an obvious way to increase security and keep your data a little bit safer. You can either set up a password when creating the account or later on when you feel the need to. If you want to change your windows password, but you do not remember the current password of the Windows operating system. In this situation, if you are already logged into the system it is possible to change your current password without knowing old ones.

How to change Windows password without knowing old Passwords

Follow given below steps to change Windows passwords without knowing old ones. It can be done by two methods:-

Change Password using the Graphical method.

1. For the graphical method first of all Open control panel on your system and go to computer management in administrative tools. By navigating to this path from your Windows system Control Panel\System and Security\Administrative Tools.

choose administrative tools from control panel

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2. Now after clicking on the Administrative tools, a new Windows will be opened on your screen from which click on the computer management shortcut. The figure is shown below.

open administrative tools

3. Now again a new Window will be opened on your system in Which select ‘System Tools‘ and then go to “local users and groups” option. The figure is shown below.

open computer management

4. Now in Local Users and Groups Window now choose users option and select the user whose password you want to change.

5. Now right click on that user and select ‘set password‘ option and click on proceed option in the popup window.

change users password in windows

6. After filling the new password in the field Click on yes and confirming the password. You can see that your Windows password will be changed now you can unlock the Windows with these passwords.

Change password using the command prompt

1. First of all Open command prompt as administrator to do so search command prompt in the Window search box and then select run as admin option to proceed.

2. Alternatively, you can open the command prompt as admin by hitting “Windows Key+X” then choose command prompt as admin option from the popup window from your screen. The figure is shown below.

command prompt

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3. After that type command “net user Autobot redhat” in command prompt to change the password of your user account. (here Autobot is the name of a user and redhat is the new password of the user).


By using both ways you can change windows password without knowing the old password and without using any software. This is the whole process by which we can easily change the old password of the Windows operating system. If you have any queries regarding this then simply solved out through the comment section. Also, share it with your friends and family and stay tuned with us for further updates.

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