How to Hide a Text Message in an Image using Command Prompt

You could be wondering how we can hide a text message in an image without seeing on the front of the image with the help of the command prompt. But it is a very simple trick to hide your text. So that in front it will look like an image but with all your hidden data in it. It is a ¬†very simple trick to hide your important passwords in an image so that any other person can’t even think about it.

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To hide your text message just follow the given steps: –

 1. First, of all select an image from your PC in which you want to hide the text message with .jpg /.jpeg extension and then write a text message in notepad. After writing a text message in the notepad file, save that notepad file in the same folder in which the selected image is saved. Both the files (notepad file and image) should be kept in the same folder to perform this trick successfully.

hide text file into image 1st

2. Now, open Command Prompt as an Administrator on your Windows PC. In the Command Prompt open the root folder where both the files are kept. To do so, select the drive by using the command  (example:- >h: (select the drive)=>>cd test (the name of the folder in which files are kept, cd command is used to open the folder))

hide text file into image 2nd

3. After going to the root folder, run the command copy /b a.jpg+b.txt output.jpg and press Enter key. (output.jpg is the test name you can choose any name but keep the extension .jpg)

hide text file into image 3rd

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4. Now close the Command Prompt and then open a folder in which you saved both files in the previous step. And here you will see a new image which is created with the name you have chosen in the last command. (Here we typed output as a new file name)

hide text file into image 4th

5. Now to see hidden text message, open newly created image with the Notepad. To do so, just right click on the newly created image and click on open with option and then click on Notepad.

hide text file into image 5th

6. Now to see a hidden text message, go to the end of the page, and here at the end of the last line, you can see your hidden text message which you type in the notepad file.

hide text file into image 6th


This is the easiest and simplest method to hide your text messages and passwords in an image or picture. If you have any queries or suggestions please post it in the comment section, because your feedback is valuable to us. Also, follow our blog for further updates.

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