How to Share Files from Mobile to PC using Xender App

Ever stuck in a situation that how can transfer a file from your mobile to the PC without using a USB Cable. At that time Xender Android application helps a lot in sharing those files from Android, and iOS to a PC/MAC. Xender is a software utility that can transfer and share any type of files from a device to another device such as Photos, Documents, Music, Videos, even apps free of cost without using mobile data.

It is faster than Bluetooth and also no need for NFC for file transfer because it uses its own hotspot connection to share and transfer files between two devices. It is also easier than the Airdrop that comes with the iOS devices and cross-platform file transfer and sharing is also possible due to this application. So this is very helpful for many of us.

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For this purpose, we need to keep one thing in mind that the devices (computer and mobile) must be connected to the same wifi. If you want you can create your own wifi network using a mobile hotspot.

Follow given steps for transfer files between mobile and PC

 1. First of all, open Xender application on your device.

2. Now select the file which you want to send to PC.


3. After selecting the file you will see three dots on the bottom right corner of the app screen, click on that three dots and then click on the web share option.

Xender web share

4. After click on the web share option, hotspot invite screen will open and it will provide us with an IP address, put that in the search bar of any browser of your PC and press Enter. But before that always remember to connect given WI-Fi network on your PC.

Xender ip address

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5. This IP address will open Xender share page on the browser with the option to download the desired file from the smartphone device. So simply click on the Download option to download that file.

Xender on pc


This is the simplest and easiest method to transfer files between cross-platforms such as Windows, Android, and iOS also. If you have any queries regarding this then simply raise your problems in the comment section and connected with us to find solutions for your problems. Also, provide feedback to us and follow our blog for further updates and stay updated.

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