Password protect your Firefox Browser

Setting up a password for Mozilla Firefox is a wise move to protect your login credentials of different websites; if your system is being accessed by multiple persons. If you are using the Firefox browser you would be searching for any method to lock your Firefox browser for the sake of your privacy. Many people generally save passwords in their browser to open the accounts fastly without applying passwords again and again. And if other people open your computer they can easily access your accounts and can do anything which they want. So, to protect your privacy you can add an extension and set the password.

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Generally, in Firefox all the saved passwords are accessed by firefox options under the security tab. If you want to know more about which passwords are saved on your Firefox browser simply click on the saved passwords option and a list of sites with their passwords saved in firefox is appeared on your screen. After that clicking on show passwords option reveals all the previously saved and hidden passwords on your system. So to get rid out of this problem we use master password add-on in Firefox to set a password on the Firefox browser.

How to Set Password on your Firefox Browser

To add password apply these steps:-

1. First of all, open the Firefox browser and in the menu which presents on the top at the right side in which click on the options button and select ‘Add-ons‘ or you can apply this shortcut ctrl+shift+A.

firefox password

2. Now In Add-ons search “Master password +” and click on install button to install master password add-on on your Firefox browser. Master password add-ons help you in setting the startup password on Firefox.

available add-ons on foirefox

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3. Now to complete the installation process restart the browser and again go option in the top right corner and click on customize option. The figure is shown below.

customization of firefox browser

4. Then search for the master password icon on the left side and drag it to the menu on the right side to add it to the main menu in the Firefox browser.

5. Now click on the down arrow on the master password icon in the menu options and select  ‘set master password‘ option or directly apply shortcut ‘alt+l‘. The figure is shown below.

set master password in firefox

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6. Now fill a strong password in the field of New password to set as startup password and after that also select Startup menu from the same window in which tick on ‘ask for password on startup‘ checkbox and also click on OK option to apply changes. The figure is shown below. {Always remember that use a strong password as startup password which contains at least one uppercase and lower case letter, number, symbols and should be 12 characters long}

change master password in firefox brower

7. After that whenever you open your Firefox browser it will always ask for that password and no one can access your browser without that password.


This is the process by which you can easily protect your Firefox browser with a password. That secures your saved passwords and other data from others. If you found this helpful then share it with your friends and family also tuned with us for further updates.

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